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One-Stop-Shop payment platform for innovative onsite Tap-to-pay and online payment solutions for local and cross border customers

Tunisian Payment Methods

Global Payment Methods

Our Solutions

Innovative and modern payment solutions tailored to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes and types, allowing for effortless growth management through a unified dashboard
the future of POS payment.


TAPPY mobile application turns your smart device into contactless card reader.

1 online checkout, many payment methods


Easily embed and accept many local payment methods in your online and mobile stores.

Borderless payment


Boost your e-commerce business with our international online checkout enabling major global payment solutions.

access and pay your bills anytime, anywhere


Bill aggregator solution offered in partnership with We-Settle, enabling instant bill payment via different local and global payment solutions

build your store in minutes


Build your online store once at Shahbandr and sync it with all other sales channels, and pay with WePay integrated platform

Our international presence

WePay is making waves in the payment industry globally. The journey has started in Tunisia, and is expanding internationally to the North African region and to Europe focusing on businesses and on Diaspora. Our happy customers in those different regions motive us to keep innovating and to offer more distinguished capabilities.

Compliant & Certified

They trust us

Our Pricing Plan


  • Per Transaction
    For Tunisian Merchants
  • On Demand

  • Are you a big merchant or company which is looking for a customized service or offer, please reach out to us


Free Everything you need to create a store, ship products, and receive payments
  • High availability secured servers
  • Free Sub-domain with SSL
  • Premium

  • Crafted for VIP businesses, with lot of premium features

  • Customized payment methods
  • International & local payment gateways

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    WePay operates as a payment facilitator to merchants. It operates also as a technology provider to financial institutions and businesses.

    The payment facilitator, commonly known as PayFac, is the company that provides the technology necessary for their sub-merchants to begin accepting digital payments and to receive the funds from those payments as payouts from via the payment facilitator.

    WePay is a payment facilitator operating under the control of the central bank of Tunisia. This means that you don’t need a third party bank to benefit from WePay’s solutions. WePay is your direct contact.

    There are no hidden fees, you only pay a small fee on each transaction ensured via WePay. Check our pricing page for more information.

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